10 ways to remain happy and healthy

10 ways to remain happy and healthy

1. Individual hygiene and a clean environment

Individual hygiene is very necessary to gain freshness and activeness. For this, we have to take a good shower at least once a day. Must use nice and aromatic perfumes for being mentally fresh and remain efficient in your life routine. Make sure to go outside for jogging, yoga, or exercise in grassy places. Keep clean every part of your living area whether it is an office or home, and use some aroma in your surroundings. Cleanliness and smelling nice are necessary for human mental health.

2. Keep mobilizing yourself and your family members.

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To gain and maintain a happy life and good health it is necessary to make yourself active. Keep doing exercises in the morning and participating in Street games and different kinds of sports. Motivate your family members to participate in sports activities in the area. set a picnic program with family and friends at least once a month. Seaside, parks, museums, and other public places are suitable places for a picnic. Give different work assignments and tasks to your family members to make them active in life.

3. Good diet.

A good and simple diet is also necessary for your good health.

Milk, vegetables, mutton, eggs, seafood, white meat beans grains soybean bread, and simply cooked rice are examples of a good diet. Avoid cola drinks alcohol and smoking. This type of diet plan will make your health good and your mood fresh and happy.

4. Keep trust in your God, (ALLAH)

Always keep trust in your GOD in every matter of life. Concentrate on your life matters and try your best to make your struggles fruitful. And leave the result of your efforts to God because nothing is under your control. Unsuitable conditions, situations, and circumstances can damage your life benefits. These all factors are not under your control so when you face some failures in life don’t be hurt and concentrate on other opportunities of life.

5. Avoid unnecessary comparisons with others.

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  Every one of the human being has nature, thinking, and mental caliber different than each other. No one can be similar to the other one in mental level and physical activities. So don’t compare yourself with other people. use your own mind to analyze the matters and avail the opportunities of life according to your own capabilities.

6. Make your life colorful.

The best saying is, that love is life. So, make your life colorful with love and affection. If we keep the well-being spirit, and kind behavior toward others we will be given respect and honor by other people also. We should take Interest in Social services activities and be helpful to poor people, this thing will make our lives happy and prosperous. Celebrate your small happy occasions, like birthdays, mother’s and father’s days, etc with your family and friends.

We should also participate in public festivals and fairs and other happy occasions like Christmas, Eid, etc.

Giving a gift to each other is a beautiful tradition in our society.  Excuse the people if they made any uncomfortable situation for you. To excuse or to ignore the other’s mistakes is the beautiful property of mankind.

7. Keep balance in your life.

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 We should maintain a balance in our life expenditures and our earnings. We should Never exceed it. Same as we should maintain a balance in other meters of home, business, and social life. Protect your secrets of life and never tell others.

8. Keep updating yourself.

We should keep ourselves updated about new modifications, new scientific research and other circumstances generate in our daily lives. We should make necessary changes and modifications in home and business life as society demands.

9. Good sleep.

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A good, undisturbed sleep at night is also necessary for good health. So, a healthy man needs at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. It is necessary as well as a good diet is necessary for our health. So, spend less time to watch the tv or doing other activities at night. Keep a comprehensive time to enjoy the sleep.

10. Humorous Attitude 

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Try to keep a smile and a humorous Attitude to make the environment pleasant and graceful when you are enjoying the time with family and friends. Try avoiding ignorance for others, it will affect badly your good image to others.

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