Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth


Health is wealth, this is the fact that is 100% true. Yes, guys, a healthy life brings wealth, and both of them health and wealth are responsible for our progress in any field of life. Anyone can never make sure of living happily without being healthy. The human body is composed of many organs like the heart, brain, liver, etc. It’s very necessary to take care of every organ’s health. Every organ of our body has been gifted to us by God and can never be made by anyone else. So, by realizing the importance of life gifted from God we have to take care of our physical and mental health. Let’s have a discussion on some ways of remaining healthy and wealthy.

Health is Wealth
Health is Wealth

1. Mental health

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It is very important to understand that our way of thinking directly affects our mental and physical health. If a mind is healthy then that body can be healthy, because our brain is responsible to take care of full-body health. The brain plays a key role in the body, that is it is connected to each and every organ and part of our body. It sends instructions to every part of a body individually. For example, if a body needs food, the body feels hungry. The hungry feeling comes from the brain because the brain takes messages for food from the stomach, it makes a feeling of hunger. This way brain decides to make a body healthy or healthier. So, start following these instructions to make your brain healthy and wealthy.

1. Keep anger away, because it is a 100% silent killer of one’s health.

2. Always keep yourself in reality and see every matter of your life positively. Positive thinking makes a brain happy and healthy.

3. Don’t be habitual of overthinking, just keep yourself in reality and make sure to do all deeds positive and fruitful by yourself.

4. Never be greedy, a greedy person can bring many more complexes to his mental health.

5. Keep your living area clean and make sure that you have a few things in your room don’t keep mess around you.

6. Bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc. are not good for mental health.

2. personal Hygiene

Keep caring of your personal care schedule. Healthy living requires concentration on body care. Just get up early in the morning and take a good shower, brush your teeth, and have a walk outdoor on the grass. Do exercise to make sure of your fitness. Use a nice perfume to keep your mind fresh, it can transform your mood to fresh and good for the whole day. Always keep your separate towel, soap, and shaving box.

3. Food

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Always take good, fresh, and simple food. ln, the breakfast food should be rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins. Milk, curd, eggs, bread (brown bread recommended), soybeans, mutton, and apples may be the ideal food items for a healthy breakfast. Always avoid alcohol or products containing alcohol and fats in large quantities. We should take a healthy breakfast early in the morning.

Use healthy and simple food for lunch. Bread, mutton, vegetables, fish, and all sea foods. Also, grains, beans, salads, rice, and some fruits are maybe ideal for lunch. Beef also can be taken in small quantities. suitable time for lunch is 12 am to 2 pm. Make sure to have a good healthy lunch between these times.

We should take dinner in the near time of sunset (before or after).

It should be light and simple. Bread, vegetables, chicken, beans, soups, Mutton in small quantities, potato chips, and fish may be the ideal items for the dinner.

4. Good sleep

Deep and stress-free sleep is the most important element for our health. Don’t wake till late at night without a solid reason. Go to the bed early at the night and wake up early in the morning. Good ventilation and a silent environment are very necessary for your bedroom. Lights should be switched off before you go to bed. Remember day sleep can never be a substitute for night sleep.

5. Exercise

A good exercise is very necessary for your health in the morning before breakfast. You can go to the gym, if possible, otherwise, you can select a seaside, park or any open area. Seaside is always best for exercise and rich with oxygen.

Running, walking and swimming are good exercises For Your health. If you do exercise with your friends, you can play games like football, wrestling, etc. You can enjoy the exercise in this way.

6. Happy Life.

Happy and satisfied life plays a key role to obtain good health. Keep separate your office/business events/issues from your home life. People who manage their life schedule finely, like they keep office issues away from home and vice versa, live more satisfied. Keep your attitude soft and loving with your family members at home. Your ever-loving attitude and fresh mood can keep your family members happy, smooth, and confident. So happy home life is very necessary for your and your family members’ health.

7. Outing or picnic

Outing or picnic is very necessary for your and your family members health. You should go for a picnic once a week with your family members or friends. You can go to the sea sites, parks, museums and other public places used for the picnic purpose.

8. Avoid the smoking

Smoking is very dangerous for your health. It causes dangerous diseases including cancer or damaging the lungs very severely. So, avoid smoking completely.

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