Hyderabadi beef biryani

Hyderabadi beef biryani

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Biryani is famous all over Pakistan but the people of Karachi are fond of this dish. It’s really delightful recipe, especially if you like spicy recipes, it is a recommended choice for you. There are many different types of biryanis like Hyderabadi beef biryani which is going to be shared now, chicken biryani, beef biryani, afghani mutton biryani, and so on. A big collection of biryanis is available for vegetarians and non-veg people. Everyone makes this recipe according to his/her own choice and style.

The special thing about Hyderabadi biryani is that it is made of marinated meat, not boiled meat. And marination of meat brings a real boost in flavors and gives a nice look to rice also. You must use washed and dried meat so that spices can absorb easily into the meat.

 Some people like to eat less spicy foods, some likes spicier, and many people like to eat medium spicy foods, so you can make biryani as per your own choice. Here we are sharing standard quantities of all spices. Keep concentrating on following the steps, and don’t forget to share your Hyderabadi beef biryani with us in the comments section.

So, let’s have a look at the requirements…

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  1.  Whole grain rice: 1 kg (soak well)
  2. beef: 1 kg (boneless)
  3. Oil: ½ cup
  4. Ginger garlic paste: 2 tsp
  5. Salt: as required
  6. Chili powder: 1 tsp
  7. Turmeric powder: ½ tsp
  8. Hot spices powder: 1 tbsp
  9. cardamom pod:2,
  10.  green cardamom:2,
  11. cumin and coriander seeds: 1tsp,
  12. cloves and black pepper corns:1tsp
  13. bay leaf: 2 mediums
  14. cinnamon stick: 2 inches
  15. lemon juice: 3 tbsp
  16. dried plums: 4-5
  17. coriander leaves: chopped
  18. mint leaves: chopped
  19. green chilies: 3-4
  20. yogurt: 1 cup
  21. kewra water: 2tsp
  22. meat tenderizer: 1 tbsp
  23. fried onion: 1 cup
  24. desi ghee: 2tbsp
  25. lemon wedges: 4-5


  1. wash the beef and strain well until dried well.
  2. Add beef with salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder, all spices powder, meat tenderizer, ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, all whole spices, plums, coriander leaves, crushed fried onions, and yogurt in a bowl.
  3. Mix well and marinate for 3 to 4 hours.

  4. Boil rice with salt and one tsp of kewra water until 60% done.
  5. Grease the bottom of a large skillet with the desi ghee (or you can use cooking oil instead) and spread the marinated beef evenly.
  6. Spread the boiled rice over it finely.
  7. Sprinkle over the food color, kewra water, coriander, mint leaves, some chopped green chilies, and lemon wedges, and cover the skillet.
  8. Cover the lid with silver foil and put it on the stove on high heat for 5 minutes. Turn the heat to very low and simmer for 40 minutes.
  9. Remove the flame and serve this hot and spicy tempting beef Hyderabadi biryani with salad and raita.

your delicious Hyderabadi beef biriani is ready to serve now.

Serve it with raita and salad and enjoy the really delicious and aromatic biryani…

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