Monkeypox Treatment and Vaccination

Monkeypox Treatment

Vaccination for monkeypox is still not available but the vaccine present for smallpox is 80% effective to prevent monkeypox.

Monkeypox Treatment and Vaccination may cause a milder illness for a short time. The vaccination leaves a scar on the upper arm which works as prior evidence of vaccination done. At the present time, the original smallpox vaccine is not available to the general public. Some laboratories are providing to their personal workers to prevent them in the event of exposure to orthopoxvirus in their workplace. There is another vaccine approved for the prevention of monkeypox in 2019, named the Ankara strain. This vaccine is also very limited and not available to the general public. It is a two-dose vaccine and both of the vaccines smallpox and monkeypox vaccines are developed based on the formulation of the vaccinia virus due to a cross-protection which is afforded for immunity to orthopoxvirus.

Reducing transmission risk (Monkeypox Treatment)

To reduce the risk of human to human and zoonotic transmission some countries are taking action on imports of animals from other countries especially the animals which seems to be infected and are being isolated from other animals. Also, the animals that might become in contact with the infected animals from the monkeypox virus are also quarantined until they are declared safe. they are handled with the standard precautions and kept in observation for at least 30 days. Also, people who are infected are being quarantined until they become healthy.

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1 . Human to human transmission

During the current outbreak of human monkeypox, it is very risky to come in close contact with a human who is already infected. This is the most significant risk ever. Rather than the common people, health workers are at a high risk of this virus transmission because they use to take care of the patients with monkeypox every time. Health workers who are responsible to care for the infected patients or are handling the specimen from patients should follow infection control precautions as well.

Laboratories should be equipped with all requirements to handle the specimen collected from patients so that the tests can be performed very easily and safely. The specimen should be transported in triple packaging according to the guidance of WHO. To make sure being safe from this virus and protect our society from being suffered it is necessary to follow the precautions.

2 . Zoonotic transmission

It is a great risk to make close contact with animals present in our surroundings or pets also. As it is proved that this virus was first transmitted to humans from animals. In past, we can see that there were many diseases resulting from the zoonotic transmission. All food containing animal meat or any animal product is unsafe in the present outbreak of this disease. Meats must be well cooked and should be washed properly before cooking. For this make sure that you are using gloves so that they will not come in direct contact with your hands.

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