Ten qualities a wife wants to see in her husband for Happy life

Ten qualities a wife wants to see in her husband

(Happy life series)

1. Reliable, loyal and trustworthy.

The relationship between wife and husband is based on mutual confidence and love. where a husband is responsible to provide all the resources of Happy life to his family, he is also responsible to secure all the family interests in society.  A wife wants her husband should be a hard worker, sincere, loyal and makes untired efforts to provide luxuries and other resources of life at home. And he should never take interest in any woman instead of his wife. So sincerity and reliability is the first thing which a wife wants to see in her husband.

2. Loving, caring and kind attitude.

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Every woman wants her husband should have a loving and kind attitude toward all family members. A couple can make life beautiful by using their romantic, loving and humorous behaviours. As a guardian, the husband is responsible to look after all the matters of the family and take care of them.

3. Impressive and smart personality.

Every woman has sensitive emotions toward his husband. She likes to see her husband as an impressive personality, means,

  1. Impressive body language when brief or talking about something.
  2. Good knowledge, broad Mind calibre and alertness.
  3. Special skills like a good speaker, good player or good actor and inspiring to public skills.
  4. Looking smart and efficient, good style of clothes and impressive smile during talking.

4. A strong protective barrier for his family.

Every woman wants her husband should make his best efforts to protect his family members in society. He should act as a protective barrier for his family. Not only at home, but he also is responsible to make sure of the safety of family members in the different situations and circumstances in society.

5. Will power.

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Every woman wants her husband should have strong willpower. He should be able to take even critical decisions for the well-being of his family members in time. He should also be able to protect himself and his family members from the bad habits existing in the society like smoking, drinking alcohol and excessive playing of video games etc. Good willpower is also necessary to handle business, home or social matters in critical times. Strong willpower can make a man able to take immediate decisions in life when required.

6. Giving respect to his wife and children.

A woman has the first desire from his husband that she should be treated respectfully. She always expects that,

  1. He should not do anything which hurt her.
  2. He never tortures her mentally or physically.
  3. Her opinion should be considered respectfully in family and home matters.
  4. He should have soft and kind behaviours with his wife and children. He never shouts at her or quarrels with her, especially in front of others.
  5. He should treat her on equal bases at home and also out of the home.
  6. He should not make degrade or discourage herself, especially in front of others.

7. To praise his wife.

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A wife has an expectation to be praised for her beauty and skills by her husband. The  Husband should admire her skills, hard working, fashion get up,  her beautiful appearance, loveliness and attraction.  If the husband praises her in front of his parents and shows his happiness, this thing will encourage the wife.

8. Giving respect to her beliefs and religion.

Every woman wants that her husband should respect her beliefs or religion. Every individual human belongs has extreme emotions toward their beliefs and religion. So a husband should have respect and tolerance aspects in his behaviour.

9. Reliable career.

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Every woman wants enough and secures a financial program from her husband to fulfil the needs and requirements of her family members. A  Husband is a person who has to play the key role to provide the life resources at home.  So a wife has a great expectation from her husband to have a good job or business and to make his untired efforts to handle it efficiently.

10. Intimacy.

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A satisfying romantic relationship between a married couple is very necessary to make their life beautiful and pleasant.

 A wife wants a close friendship with her husband. She needs her husband should take Keen interest in close and private family matters.  She wants to enjoy enough time with her husband as a personal and private relationship.

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