Spirituality (EP.1)

Love is life


(In the light of science and religion)

“Love is life”

Imagine if we remove love and affection from our lives. then what will be behind, a machine life, where no emotions exist. The life system of the whole universe depends on the one thing, one property of all living things, the love. Life demands sacrificing spirit from all living units in the world. which can continue the reproduction of a new generation of the same kind.

Mothers Love:

If we want to see the pure love (free of expectations) in human beings, that is mother love. mothers are the real symbol of love. those are sacrificing their lives. even every moment of life for their baby’s day and night with pleasure and joy. The well-being and successful life of a child is the main mission of his mother’s life. but she doesn’t remain with any expectation from the child as a reward. A mother forgets every pain of life when seeing her child as a successful person in society at any stage of life.

Mother and Father Love
Mother and Father Love

Father Love:

Another person who has a heart rich with love for his family is Father. The father is a person who makes untired efforts for the well-being of his family day and night.

He also sacrifices every moment of his life to provide good resources of life for his family.

The Father is also a beautiful example of love and affection. All other family relations are known to care for the mother and father. They all (uncles, aunts, and grandparents, etc.) are also very loving and caring also. They are also examples of love. Dear readers! Is the love physical activity? Or it is a spiritual activity, please concentrate on the matter and give your review in the comments below. let’s come on back to the topic.

Teacher Love:

Another beautiful example that can be a leading role in any society is a good teacher. When a child starts going to school, he is nothing more than a blank white paper. A hardworking, kind, and sincere teacher can transform a blank paper into a precious diamond. A well-taught person becomes a fruitful person for his society and can reach his society to the height of the sky.

All the characters we have discussed above are beautiful examples of love.

“Love generates kindness and kindness generates piece.”

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God’s Love:

Love, sympathy, and kindness are the properties of spirit or soul. not of a machine or material structure.

Not only Islam, but every religion also teaches us that the universe is not created by itself.

But there is a great creator who created it with the best planning and the finest program. And also, He made principles and formulas to run the system of the universe. That creator is only ALLAH(GOD). ALLAH also loves his all creatures. All creatures are being served by the resources of life through a very perfect system. every individual of the universe is being served from the 1st day of his birth. let’s see an example;

God’s Love for the Child:

When a human baby is born, he finds the kind and loving parents to look after him. His food is arranged before his birth in the form of mother milk. A house for living, clean air to breathe, sunlight which is essential for every life on earth, a suitable atmosphere, and so on.

All the resources are arranged before the birth of an individual.

These examples prove that the creator loves his creation.

Love and affection are only the property of Allah, Allah fulfilled the hearts of his creatures with love. which can guarantee us a happy living, a life which is full of fruits. by the grace of Allah, humans are living smooth and happy lives through the love present among them. Allah told us in the Holy Quran,

“Off course, I created the human belongs best and finest.”

(surah teen)

God’s Blessings In Our Life:

Once I was most respectfully present in a class with my most respectful spiritual teacher, the great Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi. I was depressed about my business losses and was too much disappointed with some domestic problems. He made me smooth and solace with his kindness and said:

It was possible for Allah that he could decide to make you an animal, or any other creature. But it is a great blessing of Allah on you that he created you as a human. In fact, if you try to count blessings of Allah on you, it is really impossible for anyone.”

I felt that all my exhaustion, stress, and depression disappeared. because my spiritual teacher made me realize that my own self is even not my property. like everything in the universe is the only property of God, I am also the one. So, I should not be depressed about the basic resources of life. Ups and downs are a major part of everyone’s life. So we should not Overthink.

This world is temporarily designed and every individual facing downs or enjoying heights of success is temporary and will destroy the life. So, we should remain blessed with the resources provided to us and should follow the way where real pleasure is waiting for us.

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God's love
God’s love

Written By: Muhammad Khalil Azeemi (Retired Pak Navy)

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